Andrew Youn

Founder and Director, One Acre Fund

Skoll Awardee


Andrew Youn started One Acre Fund in 2006, and has lived in rural East Africa for around ten years. Andrew graduated from Yale magna cum laude, is a former management consultant at Oliver Wyman, and received his MBA from Kellogg School of Management. Andrew co-founded the program in Kenya with John Gachunga, and now lives in rural Rwanda.

One Acre Fund provides a comprehensive “market bundle” to smallholder farmers that enables them to increase profit on supported activities by 50% on average. We physically deliver seed and fertilizer to rural “drop points,” together with a loan, and together with intense farm practice training. We currently serve 310,000 farm families with this model in East Africa, and are growing by 40% per year. Increasingly, we also collaborate with African governments to offer indirect services, and have measurable levels of impact on another 500,000 farm families.