Aye Kyithar Swe

Research Manager, Proximity Designs


Aye joined Proximity Designs in 2014 and leads the economic research team. The research projects, conducted in partnership with the Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, focus on Myanmar’s natural resources, conflict and public finance. Their work provides valuable insights into today’s Myanmar as the country’s recent transition to democracy is challenged by the ongoing civil war over the use of resources. Aye is also highly involved in Proximity Designs’ work in the agricultural sector which provides much needed access to irrigation products, farm knowledge and credit to Myanmar’s smallholder farmers.

Prior to returning to Myanmar, Aye worked in India and Singapore for five years with Tata Motors, Dow Jones and Control Risks. Her previous work in corporate social responsibility, business intelligence and risks consulting led her to appreciate a strong partnership between private and public sectors in tackling development challenges. Her international experience, combined with in-depth research in Myanmar, has enabled her to develop a nuanced understanding of the country in political and economic transition.