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Casey Sinnwell

Partner, Whit and Wisdom


Casey Sinnwell, an Iowa native, has over twelve years of experiencing managing political and campaign operations for various candidates and elected officials across the United States. He thrives in complex and challenging situations high level international dignitary, military and trade delegation trips to China, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Israel and Spain. He served as a member of the senior staff for Senator Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign where he managed a department with over one hundred staff, a multi-million dollar monthly budget and successfully built and managed over 430 rallies and concerts across the US in just eleven short months. Following the presidential campaign, Casey ventured into his passion for creating change through media, developing a documentary series for network TV focusing on social, political and economic issues facing Americans following 2016 presidential election. Bridging his love of entertainment and politics, he recently developed a social based organization driven to impact swing districts in the United States with targeted music festivals for progressive change. Sinnwell a 2005 graduate of Iowa State University, with a degree in political science, he currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he runs his consultancy.