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Chris (CK) Raine

Founder & CEO, Hello Sunday Morning


Chris is the Founder of Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) - an organisation that helps people to change their relationship with alcohol. Hello Sunday Morning was started after one particularly bad hangover when Chris was 22 years-old. By the end of that year (2009) HSM had helped change the lives of 20 people. Six years later, thanks to investment of over $3m by governments, employers and health insurers - the HSM program has helped over 80,000 people move from high-risk to low-risk drinking.

In 2014 Chris received a Skoll scholarship in Social Entrepreneurship to undertake an MBA in Oxford. Following his MBA, Chris established a health tech startup, Walden Health - a company that builds software and data systems to help governments, employers and health insurance providers support their people to use drugs better (both recreational and pharmaceutical).


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