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Dave Evans

Chief Futurist, Cisco


Dave Evans is Cisco’s chief futurist—an evangelist who shares his vision of technology’s evolution in anticipation of the coming decades. In his role, Evans assesses technology’s future impact on Cisco customers, businesses, and industries, with the goal of evoking inspiration when it comes to the practical application of technological advances. An expert on emerging technologies, Evans holds a number of patents for RFID, Connected Car, virtual people, and mobile phone technologies. His visionary acumen has garnered global attention on topics such as the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) and “The Net Effect,” where he outlines IoE’s transformational impact and the role of the network. Currently designated by LinkedIn as one of the 150 Most Influential Thought Leaders in the world, Evans’ views have been shared in Forbes Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, The New York Times; and on, CNN News, MSNBC, and others, as well as through an active social media presence.