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David Bussau AM

Chairman, Voice Of The Free


David Bussau is an inspiring social entrepreneur. Having retired at the age of 35 from a successful business career, he endowed a foundation to pioneer a concept of providing marketplace solutions for social problems. His foundation has birthed 15 international movements addressing a broad spectrum of social issues in developing countries, including health, education, nutrition, water, microfinance, persecution, leadership, etc. He is renowned for his innovative and creative approach to post disaster rehabilitation, contending that wealth creation and the power of market forces will accelerate poverty alleviation and nation building. He consults to multinationals providing innovative concepts of effective CSR and has a team of dedicated colleagues based in Asia who implement and monitor programs. He challenges the old development paradigms and generates fresh, exciting, audacious and bold out-of-the-box entrepreneurial ideas to liberate the poor. He wants to ignite the creative spark in people to release the amazing potential in each one of us to live more dynamic, fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.