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Derk Hendricksen

General Manager - Slingshot / EKOCENTER, The Coca-Cola Company


Derk Hendriksen is a Dutch native who has worked at The Coca-Cola Company for 16 years in various marketing and general management roles in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, the European Group and most recently at Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta, USA. He currently is the General Manager for Coca-Cola’s Slingshot and EKOCENTER projects which aim to help improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged communities around the world by providing them with access to clean water, power, communications and an array of services and products like education, entertainment and personal goods. Derk is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and what that can deliver as shared value to society and business. In addition to his current role, his experience includes global strategy and plan development for the Coca-Cola brand portfolio and marketing these brands and their reputation both globally and locally. He has also helped build ‘The Coca-Cola Way of Marketing’, TCCC’s proprietary approach to building s