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Ehsan Ahmad Sahel

General Coordinator of Academic and Educational Affairs, Afghan Institute of Learning


Ehsan Ahmad Sahel, 26, Afghanistan
Afghan Institute of Learning, General Coordinator of Academic and Educational Affairs

Ehsan has a B.A. from Herat University and studied in the Education and English Literature Faculty. As a teenager, Ehsan took over his family business and greatly increased its profits and scope. At the same time, he volunteered at various private schools and became a teacher trainer with AIL while still in university. At Herat University, he was chairperson the Cultural Association, Co-founder and Chairperson of the Youth Association, Director of the English Department at the Oxford Academy and supervised the presidential elections at the university. After graduating from university, he quickly became an AIL Master Teacher Trainer and then Academic Advisor before assuming his present position. He is an educational social entrepreneur and volunteers with many youth organizations.
He has been an entrepreneur and now a social entrepreneur. He is enriched with experience in the fields of public administration, civil society and education. He has a wealth of experiential knowledge in teaching, training, developing training curriculum, holding seminars, debates, capacity building, and social governance.