Fredrick Ouko

Executive Director, Action Network for the Disabled


Fredrick Ouko Alucheli is the Executive Director of Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY). ANDY is a national disabled people's organization run by and for young people with disabilities. ANDY carries out capacity building and advocacy activities to ensure that young disabled people both know and demand their rights and also seeks to help improve their socio-economic status, as many of them are living in severe poverty. He also serves on the Disability Rights Fund Global Advisory Panel. Fredrick is a board member of Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Education Centre, an educational institution that caters for children with disabilities.
In 2009, Fredrick was recognized by the Government of Kenya for his exemplary achievements and was elected an Ashoka Fellow in 2012 for his work on issues of disability and employment.
He has a diploma in business administration and is currently studying political science and sociology at the University of Nairobi.