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Gord McMillan

CARE Venture Fund


Gordon McMillan has been a Canadian financial services industry entrepreneur for the past decade.  In 1995, Mr. McMillan founded Triax Capital Corp., a speciality investment management firm focused on retail investment funds.  Mr. McMillan and his partners sold Triax to First International Asset Management Inc., a consolidator of asset management firms in Canada, in 1998.  By the time he left in 2000, Triax had assets under management of approximately $1.5 billion (CAD).  In 2000, Mr. McMillan founded NGB Management Inc., a venture capital manager focused on investing in the Canadian life sciences industry.  That year, Mr. McMillan also founded Skylon Capital Corp., another speciality investment firm focused on structured investment products.  Mr. McMillan and his partners sold Skylon to CI Funds Management Inc., one of Canada's leading investment management firms, in 2003.  At the time of the sale, Skylon had assets under management of approximately $800 million.  Earlier this year, Mr. McMillan and his partners sold NGB Management, manager of $120 million in venture capital assets, to AMG Canada, a large US investment management industry player.  Mr. McMillan has served on the boards of a number of investment funds and investment management firms throughout his career.  He has also been active in the not-for-profit sector, serving as a director of his private family foundation, and serving on the board of Parteq Innovations, which has a mandate to commercialize research undertaken by faculty and students of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.  Mr. McMillan holds a bachelor of Laws degree from Queen's and is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.