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Jami Solli

Founder, Global Alliance for Legal Aid


Jami Hubbard Solli started her legal career at commercial law firms in New York and Italy prior to joining the International Development Law Organization, Rome, during 2005 the UN’s Year of Microcredit. IDLO’s mandate is to strengthen the rule of law and development, and Jami’s work focused on microfinance regulation and consumer protection in developing \countries.

In 2011, Jami joined Consumers International, UK, as a senior policy advisor on financial services consumer protection and access to justice issues. In recent years, she has also done consulting work on financial consumer protection most recently for the Center for Financial Inclusion, where she conducted an analysis of what happens to microfinance clients who default on their loans in Peru, India and Uganda.

Jami is the founder of the Global Alliance for Legal Aid which supports access to justice for the poor in developing countries