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Jeffrey Horowitz

Founder, Avoided Deforestation Partners


Jeff Horowitz is the founder of Avoided Deforestation Partners, an international network dedicated to advancing U.S. and international climate and energy policies along with business solutions that include robust incentives to protect tropical forests. Since its inception in 2007, AD Partners has convened public and private sector leaders to inspire decision makers to implement strategies that reduce deforestation. Most recently, AD Partners facilitated a partnership between the U.S. Government and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), a network of 400 CEOs representing US $3.1 trillion in commodities. The CGF has committed to removing deforestation from their supply chain by the year 2020, thereby creating an incentive to accelerate demand for sustainably produced agricultural commodities that are deforestation-free. The AD Partners Rio+20 high-level event served as the platform for the announcement. AD Partners continues to play a leadership role in establishing public-private partnerships between governments, NGOs and major international corporations.