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Karina Kloos

Advocacy Program Manager, Landesa


Karina is the Advocacy Program Manager at Landesa, an international nonprofit working to secure land rights for women, men and communities. She is leading the organization’s climate change initiative, and supporting its global campaign for women’s land rights. Karina joined Landesa in 2014 as Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist after completing her Ph.D. in Sociology from Stanford University where she researched women’s rights and indigenous rights.

Karina is inspired by the leaders with whom she has worked: PEPY founder Daniela Papi who shares openly about lessons learned and champions “apprenticing the problem ” rather than “hero-preneurship”; Landesa co-founder Tim Hanstad who fundamentally believes in systems change and CEO Chris Jochnick who is a tireless advocate for human rights; and Global Fund for Women leaders, Anne Firth Murray, Kavita Ramdas and Musimbi Kanyoro , who never cease believing in the power of women.

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