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Dinesh Reddy Malipeddi

Programme Director, Foundation for Ecological Security


I am associated with the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES), India since 1989. I am a Programme Director at FES and have two and a half decades of experience of working with rural communities in their endeavors of local self-governance, restoring and securing rights over Commons and sustainable development. Of the twenty-five years, I have directly worked with rural communities on natural resource management and governance aspects in Andhra Pradesh for the first eight years. For the last seventeen years, I am involved in project management issues at organizational level and has developed good insights into project planning, management systems for implementation and reporting. My understanding of procedures at both village level as well as at the project and organization levels has helped in development of manuals and guidelines on project management as well as on social institutions. I am interested on issues of Commons, community rights, restoration of degraded ecosystems, rural youth as local stewards, community level federations and Multi-actor platforms; landscape level governance, and issues of convergence in development planning.

Regional Focus

Central and Southern Asia