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Michael Skoler

VP Interactive Media, Public Radio International


Michael Skoler is vice president of interactive media for Public Radio International (PRI). He is also the general manager of, the digital home for PRI's The World and its editorial partners. focuses on engaging people in global news, issues and cultures.

Before joining PRI, Michael founded the Public Insight Network of more than 200,000 citizen sources that is used by newsrooms throughout the US. He has pioneered online news games (including Budget Hero), ran the largest public radio regional newsroom in the country, served as science and Africa correspondent for NPR, and organized the Public Radio Collaboration involving hundreds of public radio stations and networks.

Michael was a consultant with McKinsey & Company serving media and technology businesses. He helped create the State Integrity Investigation, which graded and ranked US states on their risk of corruption. Michael earned a BA in history and science from Harvard, an MBA from the University of Virginia, a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard and a Reynolds Fellowship at the Missouri School of Journalism. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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