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Natalie Silverstein

Director of Brand Development, SYPartners


For the past fifteen years, Natalie Silverstein has worked at the intersection of innovation and social change. With experience spanning sectors, from startups to nonprofits, philanthropy to private industry, she’s committed to creating positive change in the world.

In her role at SYPartners, Natalie is responsible for marketing and positioning one of the most sought-after leadership and transformation firms in the world. She leads a team dedicated to expanding the company’s impact, amplifying the ideas and insights stemming from the company’s work alongside the CEOs of iconic companies and leaders of movements driving lasting, systemic change.

Prior to joining SYPartners, Natalie led global communications for the Goldman Environmental Prize, where she worked alongside leaders fighting to protect the environment and to secure a healthy future for people around the world. She’s consulted on sustainability programs for companies like Walmart, and was on the founding team of a first-of-its kind DVD “magazine” that sought to bring together online and offline organizing with documentary filmmakers.

Natalie started her career in independent film, and has worked as a producer and consultant for change-driven companies and organizations. She holds a BA in Communication and Women’s Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.