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Came in this world on Dec 25 th 1949, raised in a refugee settlement of Karachi, lived my first 22 years in this settlement. Did my primary school in St. Agnes’s, then in PECHS girls high school, my high school in St. Josphes High School, did my tenth grade, married in 1966, had the three great children you 72 also completed my bachelors, did courses in Montessori education, build a home and family, in 1977 join Karachi University in 1977,graduated in masters In social work with gold medal Rana Liaqat Ali, community organizer in a UNICEF low cost sanitation project. Build 5000 onsite pit toilets in a low income settlement Baldia town, a model that became national. Started home schools, Community based primarily health care. Transfer these models to 1987, build 3000 toilets, later worked with government in establishing 2200 girls schools across Balochistan, enrolling 200,000 girls, created and establish IDSP, for young people. IDSP helped 1,80,000 young ones to graduate from idsp . Now creating a University of Community Development in Balochistan.

Regional Focus

Southeast Asia