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Randy Antik

CEO, Searching For Solutions Institute


Randy Antik is one of the two founders of Searching For Solutions Institute which hosts the Imagine Solutions Conference annually. He devoted two years to traveling across the country to meet with the top executives at the Aspen Institute, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), the Milken Global Institute, and many thought leaders as part of the market research in establishing SFSI in Naples. . Antik attracted Aspen Institute to collaborate in developing the leading thought leader conference on the East Coast of the United States.

In his role as chief experience officer, Randy Antik is the principal author of the “learn + involve” strategy to bring alive the vision of “enabling exceptional leaders to leverage their capabilities to effectively address social issues.” He has built a network of thought-leaders through his long-standing associations at various conferences and is responsible for researching and securing world-class speakers for the Imagine Solutions conference.

Imagine Solutions Conference and programs have become nationally recognized as a meeting place for “Big Ideas” interacting with a very influential private sector audience.