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Sohaila Erfany

Head Manager, Radio Meraj


Sohaila Erfany, 33, Afghanistan Head Manager, Radio Meraj Sohaila was born in Herat, Afghanistan. She graduated from Arefa High School in Herat and then went on to graduate from the journalism faculty of Herat University. She is presently head of the journalism department at Herat University and has worked as a professor at the Journalism Faculty of Herat University for over six years. She is also studying for her master’s degree in journalism at Herat University. Sohaila is one of the top journalists in Afghanistan, having worked as a reporter, producer, news announcer, social entrepreneur, and now the head of Radio Meraj, the only radio station in Afghanistan that produces programming similar to NPR in the U.S. She is an accomplished writer and speaker and also a philosopher, mystic and poet.