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Susana Frazao Pinheiro

Director, Healthcare Management, UCL and Scientific Advisor, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, University of London


Susana is director, healthcare management programme, University College London and scientific advisor, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. She has almost twenty years of experience in global health from various perspectives: research/ academia, public policy, field and entrepreneurial. She has worked in the UK, Portugal, The Gambia, Switzerland, USA, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Mozambique, Angola.
Susana has acted as consultant with the United Nations (UNDP, UNAIDS, Department of Peacekeeping Operations) and Ministries of Health for a decade on the development of national health, monitoring and evaluation, and emerging/humanitarian settings strategies, plans and training for a decade. She spent eight years at the University of Oxford where she studied, taught, and conducted research; she worked in a Phase-I clinical trial for an HIV vaccine. During this time Susana was involved in other activities; she was part of the Founding Committee of Oxford Entrepreneurs and acted as Secretary, Oxford University Strategic Studies Group.
She has conducted research at the NIH, Fort Detrick, USA, and at the MRC, The Gambia. Her passion to find solutions to healthcare has led her to co-develop and successfully pilot an innovative health system for epidemiological surveillance with the ESA. She is co-Founder of IES - Social Business School, Portugal.
Susana holds a Doctorate in Clinical Medicine (HIV Immunology), University of Oxford, a MBA, Oxford SAID Business School (Skoll Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship), BSc and postgrad, Tropical Medical Microbiology, Portugal.