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Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri

Executive Director, Edja Foundation


Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri is a founder and Executive Director of Edja Foundation. She works with girls and women who are sexually assaulted and/or have been victims of domestic abuse.

Tabitha is Rwandan, grew up in Uganda and currently lives in Michigan, U.S.A. for the last 17 years, with her four children and husband. Having experienced complex trauma herself, she was moved to act on behalf of the victims by providing medical, legal, and mental health support. In addition, doing outreach, and advocating to end gender based violence because she strongly believes: “Enough is Enough.”

Tabitha is currently pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology but also practices as a mental health therapist at her local Community Mental Health Crisis-services. When she graduated with her Masters Degree, she moved back to Rwanda and served women who had been raped during the genocide as well as their children. She is highly trained in trauma work and diversity.

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