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Thomas G. Day

Chief Sustainability Officer, United States Postal Service


Thomas Day was named Chief Sustainability Officer in June 2011.Day leads the USPS effort of being a sustainability leader by creating a culture of conservation throughout the Postal Service and leading the adoption of sustainable business practices. Day reports to Ronald A. Stroman, Deputy Postmaster General. In addition to his responsibilities at the U.S. Postal Service, Day also formerly served (2007-2011) as Chairman of the Standards Board for the Universal Postal Union. Working closely with Network Operations, Delivery and Post Office Operations, Facilities, Supply Management, a variety of vendors and the mailing industry, Day’s group sets policies and assists implementation in areas of Environmental Compliance. Sustainability, and Energy Initiatives. Prior to serving in this role, Day was senior vice president, Intelligent Mail and Address Quality (2007-2011) and senior vice president, Government Relations (2005-2007). From 2001-2005, Day was vice president, Engineering. In this capacity, he oversaw development of all engineering efforts involving automation and operations, building and equipment maintenance, and the Postal Service's award-winning environmental program.