Tim Hanstad

President and CEO, Landesa

Skoll Awardee


Tim Hanstad, President & CEO, Landesa. Landesa helps governments around the world provide land rights to the world’s poorest people. Tim has led Landesa’s growth from a 2-person operation to the #1-ranked human rights NGO with 120 staff around the world. Landesa has worked in more than 50 countries, partnering with governments on reforms that provided secure, legal land rights to more than 109 million families. Tim has helped lead high-level conversations about the global effort to sustainably addressing extreme poverty working to elevate the issue of land rights for women and men in venues such as the G-8, World Economic Forum, and the Clinton Global Initiative. He has published extensively on the topic and holds an affiliate faculty position at the University of Washington School of Law. Tim traces his passion for land rights back to his childhood work as a farm laborer.