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  • Awarded: 2006
  • Issue Areas: Early Childhood to Primary Education · Economic Opportunity · Education · Financial Services · Livelihoods · Secondary Education · Women's and Girls' Education · Youth Job Skills
  • Countries Served: Afghanistan · Albania · Algeria · Argentina · Azerbaijan · Bangladesh · Belarus · Bolivia · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Brazil · Burkina Faso · Cambodia · Cameroon · Chile · China · Colombia · Cote d'Ivoire · Dominican Republic · Ecuador · Egypt · El Salvador · Ethiopia · Georgia · Ghana · Guatemala · Honduras · India · Indonesia · Jordan · Kazakhstan · Kenya · Kyrgyzstan · Lesotho · Lithuania · Malaysia · Mali · Mexico · Mongolia · Mozambique · Namibia · Nepal · Netherlands · Nicaragua · Niger · Nigeria · Pakistan · Panama · Paraguay · Peru · Philippines · Poland · Portugal · Senegal · Sierra Leone · South Africa · Sri Lanka · Sudan · Suriname · Tajikistan · Thailand · Togo · Uganda · Ukraine · Uruguay · Vietnam · Zimbabwe
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    About the Organization

    Aflatoun is an international network of NGOs, with its secretariat based in Amsterdam. It currently has over 190 partnerships in 109 countries and to date has reached 4.5 million children between the ages of three and 18. Aflatoun educates children about their rights and responsibilities. It also equips them with skills to save and manage money, and set up their own social and financial enterprises.

    Aflatoun seeks to harness the early period in a child’s life and give them an educational experience that leaves them with positive associations with money and social change. It believes that the social and economic empowerment of children contributes to the systematic reduction of poverty.

    Aflatoun is an ambitious organization. It aims to have the Aflatoun Child Social & Financial Education Programme reaching at least 20 million children and young people by 2020, and recognized as the gold standard of social and financial education programs.

    Most poor children have access to small amounts of money, but they do not know how to manage and save it to meet goals. Aflatoun Clubs teach children to take responsibility for themselves, plan and save for a better future.

    Aflatoun students save money and even launch enterprises and now reaches more than 2 million children in more than 100 countries.

    Ambition for Change

    Children who are self-confident, socially responsible, and financially competent, in a position both to improve their own lives and to improve the world around them.

    Path to Scale

    Implementation Partner Network

    Aflatoun provides brand identity, curriculum, learning opportunities, and quality control to partners implementing the program.

    Aflatoun is a fun-loving and mischievous Bollywood movie character, and also the Arabic name Plato, the Greek philosopher who, among other things, described the ideal concept of citizenship. Jeroo Billimoria created a cartoon character called Aflatoun as a fireball from outer space who inspires children to explore and engage with the world around them by means of activities, stories and games, and teaches them about their rights, and about money. When she founded an international organization to engage children with Aflatoun and financial empowerment around the world, she had already built Child Helpline International, an organization that helps millions of street children each year, starting with just her own telephone number and her personal savings. She had developed the educational program and curriculum for teaching children to take responsibility for themselves, to plan for a better life, and to save through school-based Aflatoun Clubs, through an Indian organization called Meljol, demonstrating that these skills helped children to manage their impulses, work toward future goals, and succeed in school. She founded Aflatoun to apply the same international replication model she had developed at Child Helpline International to Meljol’s child empowerment and financial education and savings program. Aflatoun was just a year old at the time of the Skoll Award, beginning the international growth phase with a goal of reaching a million children within five years. In 2012, Jeroo stepped down as executive director of Aflatoun to focus on another new venture: Child and Youth Finance International, a global advocacy organization working to promote “economic citizenship” among children and young people.

    Impact & Accomplishments

    • Aflatoun programs operate in 109 countries with 192 partners, reaching 4.5 million children or young people each year.
    • Aflatoun, in collaboration with its local partners, works with 26 governments around the world on the integration of social and financial education into their national curricula.
    • Aflatoun students have launched 8,414 social enterprises and 14,713 financial enterprises.


    Rob BeckerChairman Aflatoun International, Aflatoun

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