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Throughout history, human ambition has been a powerful force for change. Ambition grounds aspiration in action. Where aspiration desires, ambition does—it kindles creativity, stokes resolve, and drives progress. Gathering in Oxford for the 11th Annual Skoll World Forum, we will explore this phenomenon and its implications for our work. We begin by acknowledging that humanity stands poised to take a quantum leap forward as millions upon millions emerge from poverty, ambitious to claim their rights to more secure, dignified, and prosperous lives. Social entrepreneurs grasp the magnitude of this force and are harnessing its potential. Why? Because they understand that true change will always be driven by those most affected: women and men whose families, livelihoods, and ultimate destinies depend upon whether they are afforded or denied opportunity. To defeat poverty, injustice, and environmental degradation, social entrepreneurs don’t impose their solutions. Instead, they work with those they serve, building the scaffolds to shared prosperity, self-determination, and sustainability. Once the rungs of opportunity are in place, social entrepreneurs know that ambition will make the climb. You may think ambition is invisible, but its energy is undeniable, offering a vast, infinitely renewable resource that social entrepreneurs tap to bring their visions to life.


Unlocking Entrepreneurial Women | SWF 2014




2014 Skoll World Forum