Blogs from the Skoll World Forum

April 29, 2014

By Sally Kassab

We recently shared some top media coverage from the 2014 Skoll World Forum—here are some highlights from major blogs.

Kimberly Sedmak, executive producer of Jane Pauley’s AARP show, focused on the speech of Yves Moury of Fundacion Capital, and Malala’s award.

“At the recent Skoll World Forum (SWF), inspiration hits the moment I arrive in Oxford, where the City of Spires forces you to look up and out. In its 11th year, this annual gathering now includes 1,000 delegates from 60 countries and is the site of intense, imaginative and innovative thinking by social entrepreneurs from around the world. I come looking for stories — people and ideas to profile. Inspiration is at the vortex of every exchange, smile and handshake. I’ve never attended a conference where the word “love” is invoked so often as a means to an end in doing business. That particular four-letter word is rarely associated with solving the world’s most devastating problems, such as modern slavery, poverty, child brides, water and sanitation, lack of health care and 61 million children with no access to education.”

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Murray Newlands of Your Story focused on the Forum’s “Unlocking Entrepreneurial Women” panel.

“With entrepreneurial women taking charge of creating businesses in countries around the world, it’s important to highlight the skills, knowledge, and attributes that have made them successful and share them with other aspiring female entrepreneurs, which is exactly what the Skoll World’s ‘Unlocking Entrepreneurial Women’ forum focused on.”

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Victoria Knowles of the Four Degrees Network focused on four tips from Richard Branson, which she gleaned from the opening plenary.

‘In some of these big dreams, we’ll fall flat on our face – but we’ll give it our best shot. In Virgin’s arguably most ambitious project to date, Virgin Galactic aims to make space travel more accessible, while innovating clean tech solutions that can make this possible without ‘costing’ the Earth.’”

Don’t miss the Skoll World Forum bloggers’ posts, which covered many panels and special parts of the forum:

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