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Antonio Aranibar

Partner Network Director, Social Progress Imperative


Antonio Aranibar is Network Director of the Social Progress Imperative where he fosters engaged, multi-sector networks that translates the Social Progress Index into policy-oriented actions. Previously, he was Latin American coordinator of the Political Analysis and Prospective Scenarios Project of the United Nation Development Programme, specializing in strategic political advising for development projects and leading political incidence process in fifteen countries in Latin America, the Middle East, and the Balkans. His latest publications are “Global Crisis and Democracy in Latin America” (2012, Siglo XXI Editores) and “Development paths in Latin America: from neo-liberalism to neo-developmentalism?”(2013, Siglo XXI Editores). Antonio holds a BA in Development Economics from the University of Paris IX, and a PhD(c) in econometrics and economic modeling from the Autonomous University of Madrid.