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Ben Keesey

CEO, Invisible Children, Inc.


Ben Keesey serves as CEO of Invisible Children, Inc. Prior to joining the organization in 2005 he worked with Brentwood Associates Private Equity and Deloitte.

In just over seven years, Invisible Children (IC) has grown from a documentary film project into a world-wide brand aimed at ending Africa's longest-running conflict and rebuilding what has been lost.

IC directly reaches more than a million people every year through documentary film screenings at high schools and colleges. Through this youth-oriented model, IC has raised over $47 million dollars for its development programs in central Africa and international awareness campaigns for the arrest of Joseph Kony.

In 2012, Invisible Children released the 30-minute documentary, KONY 2012, which garnered more than 100 million views online and became the most viral video in history. In the following weeks, Ben guided the company into a whole new arena of influence and directed KONY 2012: Part II - Beyond Famous.