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Bill Unger

Board Member, Design Revolution


I spend most of my time as a board member with organizations who work to end poverty and make the world a better place. I left the CARE USA board after 12 years and joined the board of CARE Enterprises. We will scale promising businesses with proven pilot implementations. I am a board member at Microvest, a microfinance investment firm providing capital and management oversight to emerging market microfinance institutions; I am board chair at D-Rev, a product design social enterprise, with two wonderful products, a light that cures jaundice and is very inexpensive, and an inexpensive and highly functional artificial knee, both targeted at the developing world; and I am a director at The Wildlife Conservation Network, where we partner with leading independent wildlife conservationists. I am a member of Legacy Ventures and The Philanthropy Workshop and on the Advisory Board for The Dean of Engineering at The University of Illinois at Chicago, and served for 10 years in that role at UC Berkeley. I was Board Chair at YouthNoise and The Career Action Center, an adviser to E2, The Entrepreneurs Foundation and The Global Philanthropy Forum. I was Vice-Chair of The Anita Borg institute and advise other non profits.I am an investor and/or adviser to privately held technology companies such as Vynca, Hinge, D2S, Tarana, and others.