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Bradley Halpern

Executive Director, GlobeMed


Bradley joined GlobeMed as Executive Director in 2014 to shape the next generation of global health change makers by cultivating relationships between local entrepreneurs and student leaders. Founded in 2007, GlobeMed partners universities with grassroots organizations in 20 countries to address health disparities, building a movement of people who believe in health and justice for all.

In college, Bradley developed a passion for health equity while serving as an expedition medic for international wilderness trips. Providing and advocating for quality healthcare, he came to understand the extent to which leaders in communities have the boldest, most pragmatic, and most visionary solutions to pressing issues.

Prior to GlobeMed, Bradley began his career as an intern at The White House, where he spearheaded the creation of a mobile platform that made information about American policy and history accessible, enhancing transparency globally. He then joined the team at the Skoll Foundation, where he strategized and implemented a digital toolset for social entrepreneurs to share knowledge and foster partnerships that solve the worlds most pressing problems.

In 2012, Bradley earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Rochester, where he studied computer engineering, political science, and psychology. He then completed an entrepreneurial fellowship through the Kauffman Foundation and founded the Student Leadership Institute of Rochester.