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Bryan Sai Seng

Operations Director, Proximity Designs


Sai Woone Seng is the Director of Operations at Proximity Designs. Sai was born in Shan State, Myanmar and received his B.A. English from Yangon University and M.B.A from Emporia State University in the United States. He is also an alumnus of the Asia Pacific Leadership Program of the East‐West Center in Hawaii and the Executive Education program of Harvard Kennedy School.

As the Director of Operations, Sai brings more than 14 years of professional experience ranging from starting his own business to working for multinational corporations such as Total, AT&T, and IKEA both in Myanmar and abroad. Currently he oversees overall operations of Proximity Designs. He also advises on strategy and implements strategic initiatives for the whole organization such as developing continuous learning and leadership capabilities. He has led leadership development programs for all the team leaders and managers at Proximity. He is a big proponent of design-thinking and social enterprises.