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Cesar Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer, StartingBloc


Our world needs better leadership. StartingBloc is an international fellowship program that convenes and grows those leaders. Over 14 years, our 2,543 Fellows have started hundreds of social ventures. Many are intrapreneurs in positions of leadership at places like the United Nations, the World Bank, IDEO, Ashoka, Acumen, One Acre Fund, TED, Atlas Corps, and also Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Cesar is from Peru, and he grew up in 15 cities across South America, North Africa, Europe, and the US. He speaks four languages, he is trained as a facilitator, and he also has a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

Cesar has spent the last decade on a quest to understand who, and how, we have to be, in order to effect progress in the world. That journey has taken him through the world of social enterprise, into the Unreasonable Institute, and now to StartingBloc, where he works with his team to spread the art and science of good change leadership.

Cesar devotes his free time to salsa dancing, hiking in the Colorado Rockies, his meditation practice, and spending time with loved ones around the dinner table.