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Christine Mwelwa Kaseba

First Lady, Republic of Zambia


The First Lady of Zambia is a Obstetrician and Gynecologist who has passionately, wholeheartedly and selflessly offered her professional services in the public health sector of the Republic of Zambia for close to 30 years. Her vast experience in maternal and new born health spans many years during which she has coordinated and led various national programs in safe motherhood, family planning, comprehensive abortion care, emergency obstetrics and newborn care, as well as maternal death reviews and other programs related to maternal health. In her passion to improve the well being of women and children, Dr Kaseba as First Lady, has used her role to champion the fight against HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Gender Based Violence, Girl education and other injustices affecting women and children. She is the current Vice-President of the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV and AIDS (OAFLA) Southern-Region and is also the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Gender Based Violence.


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