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Comfort Aku Adjahoe

Chief Executive Officer, Ele Agbe Co. Ltd


Comfort Aku Adjahoe-Jennings
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ele Agbe Company Ltd, a Shea butter and local beads jewellery production and export company in Ghana. Ele Agbe produces a variety of body creams, soaps, lotion bars, body oils and lip balms from Shea butter that are exported to the US and Japanese markets. Mrs Adjahoe-Jennings has run Ele Agbe for 18 years. During this time she has participated in several trade shows in the US and Japan. She has also organised rural Ghanaian women into cooperatives to enable them to produce and supply products to her company.
Mrs Adjahoe-Jennings has transformed Ele Agbe into a highly quality Shea cosmetics export company that still works with a network of women Shea nut pickers and processors.
Mrs Adjahoe-Jennings is the founder of the Network of African Women Entrepreneurs NGO and the President of AWEP, Ghana Chapter.