Dan Berelowitz

CEO and Founder, ICSF


Dan is Founder & CEO of the International Centre for Social Franchising. ICSF works with the world’s most promising social solutions – to end the world’s greatest social needs.

At ICSF, Dan has developed successful scaling strategies for Nike Foundation, Shell Foundation, Oxfam, PSI, and many others globally. Projects Dan is excited about include researching scale of primary care in the developing world working alongside GSK, Gates Foundation, Merck, Save the Children, and developing Scale Accelerator with 9 of the UK’s biggest foundations to scale up their most promising grantees. Dan recently published the Social Replication Toolkit which can be downloaded on ICSF’s website.

Dan is a regular presenter, writer, Clore Social Leadership Fellow, has a BSc in Management from Nottingham University, and is a Rothschild Fellow at the Cambridge Judge Business School.