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Daniel Santos

Assistant Researcher, Imazon


I am from Brazilian Amazon, borned and raised in Belém City, located in the East Amazon. When I was younger I realize that my region was suffering environmental issues. So, in 2003, I decided to become an Environmental Engineer then I began my studies at Pará State University (UEPA). In 2006, I started to work as trainee at Imazon, a non-profit research institution based in Belem, Brazil. At that moment I supported Imazon mainly with field surveys and data analysis about the logging sector in the region. After I finished my undergraduate studies in Environmental Engineering (2008) I was hired as a permanent member of Imazon research staff where I participated in several projects related to the Amazonian forest conservation and I had participated in important publications including the “Brazilian Amazon and the Millennium Development Goals 2010”, "Forest Facts in the Brazilian Amazon" and about Protected Areas in the Brazilian Amazon.