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Dayo Forster

Project Lead for Africa, Fundacion Capital


Dr Dayo Forster: In her current role with Fundación Capital as Project Lead for Africa, she is responsible for expanding the organisation’s footprint in Africa through pioneering fresh design approaches to combatting poverty through financial inclusion, with a strong focus on leveraging digital technology in order to achieve scale. She has over 20 years experience working with data and surveys in various African countries. Her doctoral thesis covered work on early hand-held data collection in the field, tested in The Gambia. She has worked primarily in financial sector and health related projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and India. Her practical skills include project design and implementation (particularly on the access to finance surveys), as well as deep data dives and thematic research reviews. As data adviser on the product development team for the M-Shwari mobile-based bank account pioneered in Kenya, she used government data and survey sources to produce new insights into drivers that determine uptake of mobile-based innovation. More recently, she was the Theoretical Lead on a multi-country CGAP study to construct customer-centric models of engagement, by understanding the worries and wants of poor customers and how to build trust and leverage social networks into the customer experience.