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Denise Hearn

MBA Student, Said Business School


I enjoy facing new challenges, whether fundraising my personal salary, singing in stadiums of 20,000 people, addressing taboo topics such as sexuality and pornography, or building nascent social finance markets in Canada.

After graduating with a BA in International Development, I applied my skills in a localized context working with Canadian youth across various economic stratums in education and youth mentorship. Helping to develop sexual education and media literacy curriculum used across Canada for grades 7-12, I have presented to nearly 40,000 people throughout my career.

Following front-line non-profit work, I desired to transition to more macro level, system-change by utilizing the mechanism of social impact bonds (SIBs) to shift social spending from remedial to preventative services, working with Finance for Good in Canada. Convening the private, public, and social sector actors together to design SIB programs, and presenting before a Standing Committee of the Canadian Parliament.

In order to supplement my existing convening, public speaking, social impact measurement, and business development skills, I chose to undertake my MBA at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School where I currently co-chair the Social Impact Oxford Business Network.