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Diane Berard

Columnist, Les Affaires


Diane Bérard collaborates with Les Affaires as columnist and brand ambassador. She covers new economic models, social innovation, entrepreneurship, ethics and governance.
She often travels abroad to expose Les Affaires readers to international ideas. Each week she has a column where she interview a foreign business influencer.
She has written four best sellers: "Deux filles le mercredi soir" , about friendship and motherhood; "Les fous du roi", about the perils of short term vision in business; "J'ai perdu ma montre au fond du lac", about conscious leadership and "La chaise rouge devant le fleuve" about the road to less suffering and more personal inner peace.
Diane oftent appears on radio shows to discuss broad social and economic challenges. And she is vice chair of "La Maison Théâtre", Montreal most respected theater for kids and teeagers.