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Donna Berber

CEO, A Glimmer of Hope


Donna Berber, Founder & CEO of A Glimmer of Hope

Donna Berber is deeply passionate about the issues of injustices relating to poverty and women in Africa. Born in London, England, Donna’s world was shaken as a young woman when she saw horrific images of starvation camps during the Ethiopian famine in the mid 1980s.

After Donna and her family moved to Texas in 1991, the call within became too loud to ignore, and she was compelled to take action. From that, A Glimmer of Hope was born in 2000. Glimmer works in four vital areas—water, health care, education and microfinance—to create a powerful force to lift villages out of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia. Glimmer has invested more than $85 million and built more than 10,000 projects—impacting the lives of 5 million people in Ethiopia.

In 2014, Donna stepped into the role of CEO of A Glimmer of Hope, building on her significant contributions and passion as founder. Donna lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Philip, and their three incredibly handsome sons.