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Dorje Mundle

Director, Business for Social Responsibility


I've spent 20 years working at the nexus between private sector innovation, sustainable markets and social development. I'm passionate about enabling entrepreneurial innovation within corporations in collaboration with civil society, development and impact investing partners. I've had the pleasure of driving and supporting the development of inclusive business models for low income communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

I believe social entrepreneurship and impact investing are exciting fields, yet are not reaching scale and financial sustainability nearly quickly enough. Likewise, progressive corporations are driving exciting innovations in inclusive business and governments are reconceiving the role of entrepreneurial innovation in aid, but progress is too much slow.

Breaking down the barriers and fostering new forms of partnership between these groups holds the key to more rapidly scalable, sustainable models that can make markets work for all. That's my mission, and day job - I'm interested in meeting people who also want to make that happen!

Other focus topics and areas of expertise include healthcare, agriculture, food & nutrition, innovative financing, climate change, human rights, supply chains, business ethics, CSR and leadership development.