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Dorothy Wolf

Special Projects, Fundacion Paraguaya


Dorothy Wolf is a university instructor of social entrepreneurship. She has more than 20 years of experience in education and development in Latin America (technical-vocational education, water issues, microfinance, poverty). Co-author of several texts on social entrepreneurship, she teaches online courses in social entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Dorothy worked for AVINA Foundation for 9 years supporting social entrepreneurs as a program officer and specialist in community-owned nonprofit water companies. She develops online content for Fundacion Paraguaya on how to create and manage “schools for the poor that pay for themselves”, an innovative educational model for rural youth that seeks to be financially self-sustaining. The model is being replicated in dozens of schools in Latin America and Africa.

Currently, Dorothy is co-teaching an online graduate course on the “Poverty Stoplight” poverty elimination methodology at Tulane University.