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Edwens Prophete

Mokafe Coffee / HCM, Mokafe Coffee / Haitian Christian Mission


Edwens serves as a managing member at Mokafe coffee in Haiti and the United States. Through Mokafe coffee introduced the first premium Haitian Roast line of coffee in the U.S. Mokafe coffee is the reinvention of a long, storied tradition from the world’s foremost producer of coffee. Their effort is to support Haitian coffee farmers to revamp national production and position Haiti as a worldwide premium coffee.

Edwens also serves at Haitian Christian Mission (HCM) in Haiti. HCM works to delivery education, healthcare, homes, job training, and more to disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities across the country. HCM’s goal is to build sustainable, peaceful, and improve communities for the people of Haiti, which is one of the western hemisphere’s poorest countries. HCM currently serves thousands of people; from Fond Parisien, to Mirebalais, to Port-au-Prince and beyond.

The Mokafe Cup of Hope promotes the best agriculture practices, implements nursery trees, and help sustain the farming industry by helping farmers with agriculture practices, financing and business education, and environmental restoration in Haiti. Under the umbrella of Café de la Vie, Mokafe has deep roots in Haiti with a fourth generation company, Selecto (Est. 1898), one of the largest and well-known coffee bean roasters in Haiti to source its premium ground coffee. Together, they formed Mokafe Cup of Hope which serves a co-op of 8,000 farmers in the Haiti Blue Mountains of Thiote and Beaumont.