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Federico Bellone

Regional Director Latin America, Porticus Latin America Consultoria Ltda.


Federico first trained as an environmental scientist and went on to specialize in leadership development and social entrepreneurship, also obtaining higher learning degrees in oceanography, environmental technology, and more recently international relations. For the past 16 years, Federico's career and interests have been shaped by addressing the question of how to live within Earth's limits, and what social, economic, and ecological arrangements must come into place in order to achieve this with dignity and prosperity.

He is currently Regional Senior Director for Latin America for Porticus, a private philanthropic initiative whose, and oversees portfolios throughout Latin America in the fields of Education, Human Rights, and Sustainability.

In his former role as senior program manager at the AVINA Foundation, Federico developed managed an international program for consolidating efforts to avoid deforestation in the nine countries of the Amazon Basin, in partnership with the region's social entrepreneurs and other international partners. Also with the AVINA foundation, Federico has developed international partnerships for socially inclusive markets in Latin America, and for adapting to the arid conditions of Brazil's vast and disadvantaged rural northeast. Federico has also worked as an institutional learning consultant for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, a DFID-funded program present in 13 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, as well as with Spain's international aid agency designing sustainable livelihoods programs in nine Latin American countries

Born Italian, raised South American, and trained in Europe and the United States, Federico strives to develop a global and intercultural approach to understanding our common challenge as humans on a finite planet. Both through work or spare time, Federico has traveled to almost every country in Latin America, and partnered with organizations in the Americas and Europe.