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Francisco von Hildebrand

CEO, Gaia Amazonas


Francis von Hildebrand is the CEO of Gaia Amazonas (expert in local development strategies, local governance, and cross-cultural environmental management)

Francis leads an inter-disciplinary team that has been instrumental in the official recognition in the Colombian Amazon of the largest indigenous territory in the world. Furthermore his work has focused in the empowerment of 17 indigenous local governments with capacity building, territorial planning over 10 million hectares and 13 primary intercultural education and basic health services that have benefited over 25 ethnic groups of the Colombian Amazon. Such "bottom up" work has been complimented with "top down" strategies of policy advocacy, supporting the State in the construction of post-conflict Amazonia with an intercultural approach to sustainability. Francis also co-leads and participates in regional and cross-border initiatives with other Amazonian countries to promote socio-environmental sustainability and the monitoring of drivers of change in Amazonia.