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Francisco von Hildebrand

CEO, Gaia Amazonas


Francis von Hildebrand is the CEO of Gaia Amazonas, a Colombian NGO whose mission is to protect the Amazon. As a kid, Francis spent a lot of time living in Amazon rainforest villages. His father founded Gaia Amazonas in 1990 and Francis has led the organization since 2013. Now Gaia Amazonas faces a particularly fraught time in conservation in Colombia as the Peace Processes comes into force, commodity frontiers expand into the Amazon and new public and private actors move in.

Francis is expert in local development strategies and cross-cultural environmental management. He leads an inter-disciplinary team that has been instrumental in the recognition of the largest indigenous territory in the world (24 million Hectares), and the establishment and advancement of primary education, basic health services and climate change monitoring and adaptation with more than 20 ethnic groups over an area 15 times the size of the Yellow Stone National Park.

Regional Focus

South America