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Fred Nelson

Executive Director, Maliasili Initiatives


Fred Nelson is the founder and Executive Director of Maliasili Initiatives, an organization that helps leading African conservation, natural resource and land rights organizations strengthen and grow their organizations in order to achieve more. Fred currently lives in Vermont but worked out of Tanzania for more than a decade, helping to establish a number of local organizations, networks and collaborations, and has worked on issues ranging from wildlife conservation to forest governance to pastoralist land rights. He has also worked extensively on natural resource policy and governance design in Tanzania and South Sudan. He has carried out research on natural resource governance, enterprise, and conservation outcomes, including editing the volume Community Rights, Conservation and Contested Land: The Politics of Natural Resource Governance in Africa. He is on the steering committee of the IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Initiative, and is an advisor to the Acacia Conservation Fund, a private philanthropic initiative supporting leading conservation organizations around the world.