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Gabriella Gomez Mont

Director and founder, Laboratorio para la Ciudad


Gabriella directs “Laboratorio para la Ciudad*, Mexico City`s new creative think-tank and experimental space: a place to reflect about all things city, and ponder social scripts and urban futures for the largest megalopolis on the American continent: from the speculative (even outlandish) to the practical.

This project came about through a personal invitation by Dr. Miguel Angel Mancera– Mexico City`s elected and liberal Mayor– to incorporate “Laboratorio para la Ciudad” into the city`s official structure for the next 6 years. This novel initiative will support creativity and civic innovation through the different layers of both government and social-space, intermingled. In addition to directing Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Gabriella is a writer, visual artist, documentary film director, cultural advisor and arts curator, plus a Yale World Fellow, TED Senior Fellow, Institute for the Future Fellow, Fabrica alumni and World Cities Summit Young Leader.