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Gregory Khalil

President & Co-Founder, Telos Group


Through Telos, Greg has helped build a vibrant community of leading conservative and liberal influencers in America--a community committed to bridging seemingly intractable divides to transform conflict. While Telos has focused almost exclusively on addressing America’s unhealthy relationship to the Middle East, it is now applying its unique model of conflict transformation to other issue areas globally.

Telos’ guides cohorts of leaders through immersive experiences to build relationships and spark creative, action-oriented conversations. Since 2009, Telos has lead more than 1400 American leaders on unique trips to the Middle East. It then leverages these transformative experiences to equip leaders to build "pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-peace" movements in mainstream America, which is necessary to shift American cultural, economic and political engagement on the conflict. Now that Telos has proven its model it is scaling nationally.

Additionally, Telos is in the process of launching a for profit travel arm, which will scale its trip offerings in the Middle East and replicate the model globally and also domestically within the southern United States. Illumine, the new company, is launching later this year.

Before founding Telos, Greg was a legal and communications advisor to Palestinian negotiatiors on peace talks with Israel. Greg is also a founding member/board member of Narrative 4, a global literary exchange organization that develops empathic leaders. His writing has been featured in The New York Times and The Review of Faith and International Affairs. He is a graduate of UCLA and Yale Law School.