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Huda Abuzeid

Director, Rashad Foundation


Huda Abuzeid is a former TV producer and filmmaker whose work has screened internationally on BBC/Channel4/AlJazeera/PBS amongst others. She has made TV films on diverse subjects from Soul Weekenders in the UK to Egypt's Revolution.

Huda returned to Libya for the first time during the revolution working to support the emerging anti-Gaddafi transitional council. After liberation Huda co-founded The Rashad Foundation to work primarily on key transitional issues of justice, transparency and human rights through advocacy and policy change using a mixture of public awareness campaigns and lobbying.

Rashad Foundation recent projects include producing a film on Transitional Justice in Libya, a wiki on media transparency, a multi-media campaign on sexual harassment, a campaign to encourage participation in the constitution process, a cabinet level paper on importance of a local NGO Fund & a Media Strategy for the Constitutional Assembly to engage the public in the coming period.