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Hugo Barreto

Secretary-General, Fundacao Roberto Marinho


Hugo Barreto is the secretary general of Roberto Marinho Foundation (FRM) since 2002, Prior to that he was FRM’s creative director and superintendent of content. He is responsible for the Telecurso, one of the largest education inclusion programs in Brazil, Canal Futura (Futura Channel), Globo Ciência (Globo Science) and Globo Ecologia (Globo Ecology), Under his leadership FRM implemented the Museum of the Portuguese Language and the Museum of Football, both in Sao Paulo and the Art Museum of the Rio de Janeiro. This year, he will implement the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro. Bachelor in Philosophy by PUC/RJ, Hugo Barreto was the president of the Council GIFE (Institutes, Foundations and Companies Group), from June/2004 to June /2007.